How The Movie ” Scream” Made A Teen Kill His Mother

In 1998, a teen boy who murdered his own mother by stabbing her 45 times was obsessed with the film “Scream” and used it as motivation to murder her.

Mario Padilla, 16, took the help of his young cousin, Samuel Ramirez to kill his mother Gina Castillo, 37, at their home in Lynwood, California, after she asked him to do some chores and grounded him. Both the accused admitted that they were obsessed with the 1996 film “Scream,” and thought the murders in the film were “cool.” Padilla told a pal on the way back from school about the killings in the movie, “it was the perfect way to kill somebody.”

The two boys allegedly talked about real killings while planning to imitate the ones in the movie, in which a young girl is tortured by a killer a year after her mother’s murder. According to accounts, the killer uses horror flicks to target the child and her companions as part of a deadly game.

Witnesses told The Sun that the two boys used the terms “doing a Scream” and “busting a Scream” to describe their murder fantasies. They even intended to purchase clothes and a voice distortion gear in order to meticulously recreate the film’s executions. They also discussed going on a “murdering spree.”

Mario Padilla and Samuel Ramirez

Padilla attacked his mother from behind on the tragic day of January 13, 1998, while his cousin held her down. They then used at least four separate knives to stab her 45 times. “My son, he’s 16, he just stabbed me. I’m bleeding. Oh, I’m bleeding.″” the victim stated after dialing 911 for assistance.

Padilla was sentenced to life in jail without the possibility of parole, while his cousin was sentenced to 45 years in prison. Superior Court Judge John Cheroske had prohibited references to the “Scream” film series during the trial.

“”The court orders that this case should not be referred to as the ‘Scream’ murder case,” Cheroske wrote in a written judgement, adding, “I have been watching television since I was seven years old.” It’s ironic that people advise parents not to allow their children to watch television at that age since it does have an impact on them.”

Masks used in the movie

The prosecution had planned to use the trial as a showcase for the impact of watching violent television on youngsters before Cheroske’s decision. In her opening words, Deputy District Attorney Carol Rose claimed the accused was angry with his mother for assigning him chores and also wanted to steal $150 destined for the victim’s newborn daughter. Rose, on the other hand, stated that the film had a significant role in the crime.

According to the prosecution, the adolescents planned to kill numerous more in a similar manner, including the victim’s spouse and two other females in the neighborhood. Prior to their arrest, the girls had received threatening phone calls and letters from them.

During the trial, psychologist Madeline Levine emphasized the importance of the film as a learning tool she said:

“But did the movie provide a blueprint? Absolutely… You need a cat to copy. In this case, Scream is that cat.”

Scream is an American horror slasher franchise that includes five films, a television series, merchandise, and games. The last film was produced in 2022. The clip below was the trailer for movie, it depicts how horrifying the movie is.

Trailer for the 2022 scream movie
The movie has inspired many crimes especially among teens.In a similar story, two friends conspired to kill their friend in order to play out what they saw in the movie scream

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