The Terror Of Bobby Joe, The Rapist Executed By Lethal Injection

Bobby Joe Long raped and murdered at least ten women in Florida in the mid-1980s before letting one escape — and she was instrumental in bringing him down.

Bobby Joe Long was known as the “Classified Ad Rapist” for three years, but it wasn’t long before he went from a serial rapist to a serial killer. Bobby Joe Long kidnapped, raped, and murdered nine young women in the Tampa Bay area of Florida for eight months in 1984 before strangely letting one of them escape.

That decision would prove to be his downfall, as she would eventually assist in his arrest, putting an end to his murder spree and sending him to the death row, where he would be lethally injected 35 years later.

His Early Life

Robert Joseph Long was born on October 14, 1953, in Kenova, West Virginia, but relocated to Miami with his mother, Louella, when he was a child. Long’s dislike for women originated with his mother, with whom he shared a bed until he was thirteen years old. Louella worked as a cocktail waitress and was known for bringing unusual men home with her.

Serial killers frequently have traumatic childhood experiences that influence their subsequent acts. Long, for example, was just five years old when he fell from a swing and sustained his first of multiple head injuries. Due to a hereditary ailment known as Klinefelter syndrome, he was also viciously harassed at school when he developed breasts when he reached puberty.

Long then sustained another brain injury while serving in the army after colliding with a motorcycle. He began to have unpredictable and violent outbursts while in the hospital, and he acquired a growing preoccupation with sex. Long managed to masturbate five times a day while recovering in a body cast in an attempt to relieve himself.

Cynthia, Robert Joseph Long’s high school love, and Robert Joseph Long met when they were both 13 years old. Six years after their wedding, they divorced.

Finally, in 1974, Long married Cynthia Bartlett, his high school love, and it appeared that there was hope for him.
They had two children together.
His violent outbursts continued, and he was once accused of choke-holding Cynthia and slamming her head against a television. Cynthia left in 1980, taking the children with her.

Bobby Joe Long’s insatiable lust for sex grew even stronger. He satiated his craving by reading classified advertisements, visiting the seller’s home, and rapping women who were alone. After he got his way, he’d stab them, bind them, and rob their homes. Long used this strategy to perpetrate scores of rapes between 1981 and 1984. According to some estimates, he raped 50 women.

Long was prosecuted, tried, and convicted of rape in 1981, but he appealed and was acquitted.

In 1984, Long relocated from Miami to Tampa. He’d drive up and down Nebraska Avenue in Tampa, which was lined with clubs and bars and frequented by sex workers, in his 1978 maroon Dodge Magnum.

His sex crimes developed into killings in this town.

Long lured women to get into his car, raped them, and then killed them in a rural, lonely place. The majority of his victims died as a result of strangling, however several had their throats sliced and were beaten. One person was killed. Many of them were chained and posed in horrific ways.

The Murders Of Bobby Joe Long

Bobby Joe Long’s first victim was Artiss Wick, a 20-year-old woman who he abducted, raped, and strangled on March 27, 1984. Her body was discovered on November 22, 1984, and because of the time it took to find her, it is generally forgotten that she was Bobby Joe Long’s first victim.

Ngeun Thi “Lana” Long, a 19-year-old exotic dancer at Nebraska Avenue’s Sly Fox Lounge, was found dead in a field on May 13. She was naked and wrapped around the neck with a cord. A white scarf was knotted in a knot beneath her torso.

Ngeun Thi “Lana” Long

Michelle Simms, a 22-year-old former beauty contestant, was found off an Interstate 4 overpass two weeks later. Simms was also naked and shackled, with a slit in her throat. Her clothing were scattered about next to her. Simms worked as a receptionist, but she was also a drug addict and a sex worker, according to reports.

Michelle Simms

Elizabeth Loudenback, 22, was discovered fully dressed in an orange grove on June 24, 1984. She’d been sexually assaulted and strangled. Loudenback had never been involved in prostitution and was a manufacturing worker. On the evening of June 8, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, innocently walking down Nebraska Avenue a few blocks from her home when she was kidnapped by Long.

The discovery of small red nylon strands, likely from carpet, on Simms’ and Loudenback’s clothing, as well as the white scarf found under Lana Long, indicated that these killings were all connected.

Vicky Elliott, a 21-year-old waitress at the Ramada Inn, was Long’s fifth victim, who vanished on her way home on September 7, 1984. Elliott’s body was discovered on November 16, 1984. She’d been choked to death.

Long killed some others apart from those mentioned above

Encounter With Lisa McVey

Lisa McVey, 17, was riding her bike home from work at Krispy Kreme around 2 a.m. on November 3, 1984. A man charged at her, knocking her from her bike and dragging her into his car. He blindfolded her, drove her to his house, and sexually assaulted her for 26 hours.

Long had no idea that McVey had been seriously considering suicide just hours before the attack. Due to years of emotional and sexual abuse at the hands of her grandmother’s boyfriend, she’d even penned a message.

McVey attempted to communicate with her kidnapper despite the fact that he had repeatedly raped her and sodomized her. When Long washed and brushed her hair in his bathroom in an odd act of goodwill, McVey inquired as to why he had done this to her. He put it down to his dislike of women.

She continued to sympathize with him as he talked about his issues with women. She even offered to be his girlfriend on the condition that she would keep it a secret. McVey then concocted a narrative about being the sole caregiver for her sick father.

Lisa after her release

Her attempts to make connection with serial killer Bobby Joe Long proved to be life-saving.

McVey used the restroom in Long’s flat while blindfolded and touched everything she could to leave her fingerprints.

Long ordered a blindfolded McVey back into his car in the early hours of November 4. She took note of his red carpet and counted the steps in his house. He started by driving a short distance to a bank machine that was open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. McVey stated that she had heard the machine. She caught a sight of the word “Magnum” on the car dashboard through her blindfold.

Long drove a few more miles before pulling over and telling McVey to exit the vehicle and keep her blindfold on for another five minutes.

The abuse she went through as a child was very important in her surviving.

The Capture, Conviction, And Execution

Lisa McVey immediately went to the police station and told them everything: the car’s color, the name “Magnum” on the dashboard, and the red carpet at Long’s house. She claimed that soon before she was released, her kidnapper had used a bank machine.

The identical red carpet fibers found on the other victims were found on McVey’s clothing, according to forensic examinations.

Police obtained a list of all 1978 Dodge Magnum owners in Hillsborough County, as well as subpoenaed all bank machine data in North Tampa. They discovered that only one 1978 Dodge Magnum owner had used a bank machine at 3 a.m. on Nov. 4 when they compared the lists: Bobby Joe Long.

Long’s car and residence were discovered not far from the bank ATM he had used. They watched Long for 24 hours before capturing him on November 16 for McVey’s kidnapping and rape.

Long admitted to his actions against McVey during his interrogation. He initially denied involvement in the other deaths, but after hearing the evidence gathered by the police, especially the red carpet fibers from his car, he confessed. Long was linked to ten deaths, as well as McVey’s rape and kidnapping, by the end of his questioning.

Bobby Joe Long is in custody in this updated photo released by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Long is set to be executed on May 23, 2019, for murdering ten women over the course of eight months in 1984, terrorizing the Tampa Bay area. He received a 401-year prison sentence, 28 life sentences, and one death sentence. He was put to death for the murder of Michelle Simms, a 22-year-old woman. (Photo courtesy of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement)

For the murder of Michelle Simms, Bobby Joe Long was sentenced to death.

Long was put to death by lethal injection on May 23, 2019. Long had been one of the longest-serving death row inmates up to that point.

Long’s execution was watched from the front row by Lisa McVey Noland. Based on her experiences, she sought a career in law enforcement and is now a deputy with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, the same office that prosecuted her abuser.

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