What Happened To Elisabeth Fritzl’s Children After They Escaped?

Elisabeth Fritzl’s father confined her in a basement cell at their Austrian home in 1984 when she was just 18 – years old, he raped her repeatedly over the next 24 years. She gave birth to seven children while in captivity one of whom died shortly after birth.
Elisabeth’s six surviving children all had one thing in common: they were all born in the filthy basement cell, without access to doctors, medicine, or fresh air. Even though they all started in the same place, the basement, their lives have gone in different directions.

Three of Elisabeth Fritzl’s children were in captivity with her while the other three were taken to the second floor by his father where they learned to
play the piano, saw sunshine and had unrestricted movement.

In 2008, their lives turned upside down when Elisabeth Fritzl’s dreadful 24 years of captivity came to an end. The children who were upstairs were reunited with the ones who were downstairs . So, what happened to Elisabeth Fritzl’s children?

How Josef Fritzl Imprisoned His Daughter

Elisabeth Fritzl’s life was permanently transformed on August 28, 1984. The 18-year-old consented to accompany her father into the basement to assist him with the installation of a door. She wouldn’t be seen again for another 24 years.

Elisabeth had reason to be wary of her father at that point. Josef raped her when she was 11 or 12 years old, according to Der Spiegel, and began a routine of abuse that lasted for years.

segment of the underground prison

By 1984, however, it appeared that Elisabeth had finally escaped his grip. She had set up a possible employment in the Austrian town of Linz after training as a waiter. Instead, she followed her father into the cellar, where he used ether to knock her out and a metal chain to bind her to a bed.

Josef had planned for a long time to make his daughter his sex slave. He got permission to build his cellar in the late 1970s, according to The Guardian. The electrical engineer then painstakingly constructed Elisabeth’s future prison, which consisted of many windowless chambers crammed into 650 square feet.

Josef held his daughter imprisoned for the next 24 years. He beat her, punished her by shutting off the electricity, and raped her more than 3,000 times(estimated) after convincing the outside world — and Elisabeth’s mother Rosemarie — that she had joined a religious cult. Elisabeth Fritzl became pregnant soon after.

The Fritzl house, looking from the outside.

Kerstin, Elisabeth Fritzl’s first child, was a girl. She was born on Aug. 30, 1988, almost precisely four years after Elisabeth was imprisoned, according to the Telegraph.

Unlike the majority of Austrian pregnant moms, Elisabeth did not have the assistance of doctors or nurses during Kerstin’s birth. She delivered the baby on her own, using just a pregnancy book that her father had reluctantly given her as a reference. He’d also given her scissors, a blanket, and diapers, despite the fact that he didn’t check on Elisabeth and Kerstin for another 10 days after she was born.

Elisabeth gave birth to her second child, a boy named Stefan, a year and a half later in February 1990. In August 1992, he was joined by a third kid, a daughter named Lisa. However, despite the fact that Stefan and Kerstin remained with their mother, Josef chose to remove Lisa from the basement due to a shortage of space.

Lisa was placed in a cardboard box outside the Fritzl home in May 1993, roughly nine months after her birth, according to Der Spiegel. He put a note from Elisabeth, which he’d forced her to write, inside the package.

“Dear parents, I am leaving you my little daughter Lisa,” the coerced letter stated. Please look after my tiny girl… I breastfed her for around 6 1/2 months, after which she switched to a bottle. She’s a sweet girl who eats everything else with a spoon.”

Elizabeth’s with her mother, Rosemarie Fritzl,

The letter persuaded local social workers, who noted that Josef and Rosemarie were lovingly caring for Lisa and intends to continue caring for her.

As a result, when another child, nine-month-old Monika, arrived on the Fritzls’ doorstep in December 1994, no one seemed surprised. When another of Elisabeth Fritzl’s offspring, this time a boy named Alexander, came in 1997, no one asked many questions.

Alexander was born a twin, although no one knew until 2008 that he was. Michael, his younger brother, had died just a few days after birth. “What will be, will be,” Josef allegedly informed Elisabeth as Michael battled to breathe. Later, he incinerated the infant’s body and dispersed his ashes in the family garden.

In 2002, Elisabeth Fritzl’s last child, a boy named Felix, was born. Josef, on the other hand, left Felix in the basement this time. Later, he admitted to authorities that his wife was incapable of caring for another child.

Elisabeth Fritzl’s children were split into two worlds by 2008. Upstairs, three of them led rather typical lives. The other three had never seen the sky or the sun and lived in a windowless hell.

But everything changed that year when Kerstin became very ill.

The cellar where three of Elisabeth Fritzl’s children lived .

Kerstin Fritzl, Elisabeth Fritzl’s eldest daughter, had always been unwell. In April 2008, however, she began to have excruciating cramps and would bite her lips so hard that they bled. On April 19, Elisabeth urged her father to take Kerstin to the hospital, and Josef agreed.

Elisabeth slipped a note into her pocket before he took Kerstin out of the basement. “Please, please help her,” Elisabeth wrote, recommending that Kerstin be given aspirin and cough treatment by doctors. “Kerstin has a profound fear of other people.” She’d never been to a hospital.”

The doctors’ concerns were aroused by this, as well as Kerstin Fritzl’s obvious negligence. They requested her mother’s assistance in saving her life. Josef, for some reason, allowed Elisabeth to go to the hospital. He announced, according to The Guardian, that Elisabeth had opted to return home with Stefan and Felix.

When Elisabeth was alone with the cops, she struck a deal. She would tell them anything if they guaranteed she would never see her father again. The cops agreed, and Elisabeth began a story that began in August 1984, 24 years before.

Elisabeth Fritzl’s children’s lives would never be the same. Those “upstairs” and “downstairs” siblings met for the first time since they were babies. However, they faced a lengthy and winding path to recovery.

In ‘Village X,’ Elisabeth Fritzl’s Children Have A New Life.

Elisabeth Fritzl’s children currently live in an undisclosed location in Austria known only as ‘Village X,’ with their mother. They’re free and reunited — but life hasn’t been easy for them.

The two sets of siblings first struggled to acclimate to their new realities, according to The Independent. The “upstairs” children were filled with guilt, while the “downstairs” children struggled to bond with their siblings.

After all, the “upstairs” kids — Lisa, Monika, and Alexander — had grown up with their grandparents and had a normal upbringing. Kerstin, Stefan, and Felix, the “downstairs” children, emerged from the cellar pale and stooping, having never seen the sun or breathed pure air.

Despite the fact that nothing is known about Elisabeth Fritzl’s children currently, The Independent claims that they have become closer over time. And their mother, who came from the dungeon white-haired and frail, has taken up shopping, wearing brightly colored trousers, and driving.

Elisabeth Fritzl and her children have new identities, which makes it easier for them to start over. They’ve started a new life. They’re free to forge their own paths now that Josef Fritzl is in prison for the foreseeable future, distant from his basement prison, his secrets, and his falsehoods.


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