David Bonola and Gaal Orolya- A Story Of Love That Turned Sour.

Orolya Gaal, 51, was discovered butchered to death inside a blood-soaked hockey bag in Queens, New York, on April 16, just hours after she was hacked to death in her home’s basement.

The married mother of two had her throat slit, and she was stabbed over 60 times in the neck, torso, and left arm.

Orolya Gaal

David Bonola, 44, is currently in detention after being accused with Gaal’s murder. He claims to have had an “on and off” relationship with her for two years prior to her death. Bonola admitted to committing the horrible crime. Gaal’s remains was later cremated

Bonola’s Youtube Channel

A YouTube channel that appeared to belong to Bonola was discovered, which had hundreds of uploads describing violent crimes as well as how to perfectly pick-up women.

Thousands of videos were selected into the channel’s playlist, including 754 clips about rapes, murders, and kidnappings in New York.

One of the films depicted the fatal stabbing of Tessa Majors, a college student who was killed in a heist in 2019, as well as the fatal stabbing of a good samaritan who was killed while attempting to break up a knife fight in Brooklyn.

On the channel, there was also a news broadcast regarding the death of sex therapist Amie Harwick, the ex-fiancee of actor Drew Carey. Harwick was allegedly murdered by a stalker ex for whom she had attempted to obtain a restraining order.

An educational film about the operation of an AK-47 assault rifle was included in the “interesting” playlist.

Countless films about sex and dating, including clips from “pick-up artists” who provide “advice” on how to reclaim a lady who no longer wants to be with you.

Over 200 videos in the same spirit were included in one playlist, including a clip titled 7 Mindsets That Attract Women Like Crazy.

“You basically become unstoppable with women by owning these attitudes, coupled with of course having pickup principles,” one of the video’s descriptions said.

3 “Older Guy” Attraction Tricks that would Attract ALL Women, How to Be Instantly Irresistible, and How To Get A Girlfriend (Even If She Isn’t Interested In You At First) were among the other videos on the playlist.

There were also films like 3 Ways To Please A Girl In Bed (Dirty Moves To Try) and How To Go Down On A Woman that offered sexually graphic suggestions and methods.

A History Of Weird Behavior

In connection with Gaal’s death, Bonola was detained and charged with murder, criminal tampering, and criminal possession of a weapon.

A report in the New York Post shortly after his arrest alleged that Bonola had a habit of “creeping out” staff at his Forest Hills Starbucks, even sending unwanted love notes for some.

“He was scary, he stalked people,” former barista Oliwia Pikulinski told the New York Post. “Everyone knew he was a strange person.”

Bonola would “leave in the tip jar love notes and songs that he would create about us,” according to Pikulinski.

Bonola had a history of weird behavior

“He even went as far as proposing to both of us,” she continued, “which is very frightening given how strange the interactions were.”

According to Pikulinski, the man would come to the coffee shop several times a week and request the same things: a dark roast pour-over and a lemon loaf or banana bread loaf.

During his time there, Bonola allegedly chatted up female employees by handing them notes and jewelry.

The man, according to Pikulinski, would ask the workers “personal inquiries” like their birthdays, ages, and where they resided.

She explained, “It was personal information that a consumer should never ask.”

“After all the odd occurrences that occurred and how unpleasant he made everyone feel, especially the girls I worked with and even the clients in the lobby, I’m stunned that it was him.” It’s insane to consider.”

The baristas would frequently contact the cops, but Bonola would be gone by the time they arrived.

The On and Off Relationship

Investigators verified Gaal and Bonola had been having an “intimate affair” that was on and off for the past two years.

According to police, Bonola told them he had seen texts Gaal had exchanged with another man and went over to her house shortly after midnight on Saturday to discuss their relationship.

Gaal carried the conversation down to the basement since she didn’t want to wake up her sleeping son upstairs.

Bonola allegedly casually revealed to police how, in a fit of rage, he sliced Gaal’s throat with a knife, stabbing her over and over across the left side of her body.

The handyman, who also worked as a heating and air conditioning repairman for Gaal’s family, then took her son’s hockey bag and threw her body inside.

Bonola captured by CCTV dragging her body

He apparently waited until 4.30 a.m. before wheeling the bag towards Forest Park, since he did not want her body to be discovered in the basement by her son.

He then sought care for hand wounds at a local CityMD shortly after 6 a.m., according to authorities.

Blood was discovered on the first floor and even more in the basement during a later investigation of Gaal’s home.

A bloodied knife was also discovered, possibly from the family’s kitchen, and on the fridge, authorities discovered a strange message that said “GET A NEW HANDYMAN.”

That note led the police to Bonola.

Last Moments

Gaal had been out with friends viewing a play at the Lincoln Center in Manhattan the night before her murder, before being seen drinking alone in a Queens bar from 11.30pm until 12.40am. She appeared to be waiting for someone, but no one turned up, according to witnesses.

That would be the last time anyone saw her alive.

Throughout the hearing, the 44-year-old stayed utterly mute. He had been significantly less controlled just hours before, when he was filmed urging a journalist to “go f**k” themselves as he was led out in handcuffs.

Bonola the in white Apron.

The judge was told by prosecutors that Gaal let Bonola inside the house because she knew him. He then got into a heated verbal exchange with her, and she had to ask him to leave several times. However, Bonola refused to leave, and the incident [escalated] with the victim being stabbed over 50 times.

Bonola was jailed without bond bythe Judge, citing his apparent confession to the murder.

“The accused lays out in detail what happened, how it happened and what he did following the events given rise to this case,” Battisti said

It’s unknown when Bonola will appear in court again.

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