Geico, A US Car Insurer To Pay $5m after a woman contracts HPV in an insured vehicle

After reportedly contracting a sexually transmitted virus while having intercourse in a car, a lady may be entitled to a $5.2 million (£4.2 million) settlement.

The US lady, known only as ‘MO’ in court documents, said she contracted the human papillomavirus (HPV) after having sex in the car of her then partner.

The Missouri Court of Appeals upheld a ruling that granted MO a sizable payout, which would be paid by Geico, the vehicle’s insurer.

Geico has appealed the ruling.

GEICO said the insurance package doesn’t apply because her contacting the virus did not arise from the normal use of the

MO said she was infected with HPV in 2018, and that her former partner knew he had the virus but did not tell her, leaving her with “past and future medical expenses” as well as “mental and physical anguish and suffering,” according to court filings.

In February 2021, the Jackson County woman informed Geico, the insurance company best known in the United States for its popular green gecko mascot, that she planned to sue for $1 million in damages after a sexual encounter in her then partner’s Hyundai Genesis. She claims that the insurance company’s policy covered her injuries.

According to court filings, the insurance company denied coverage and turned down her settlement offer.

MO and her ex partner settled their dispute through arbitration. The arbitrator ruled in favor of MO.

Although some varieties of HPV infections can create warts on a person’s hand, foot, genitals, or inside the mouth, most are asymptomatic. HPV strains with a high risk of malignancy can induce irregular tissue development and cancer.

The US autombile insurance company stated in a statement to CBS MoneyWatch:

“The question of whether there is coverage for this will be determined”, by a federal lawsuit filed in the US District Court for the Western District of Missouri.

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