How Christina Whittaker Vanished Without Trace

Christina Whittaker went missing in November 2009 in her hometown of Hannibal, Missouri, and her mother believes human traffickers may be responsible

Christina Whittaker went missing from Hannibal, Missouri on Friday night, November 13, 2009. The historic town is most known for being the birthplace of author Mark Twain, but Whittaker’s strange disappearance thrust the area into the spotlight for far more nefarious reasons.

Some even believe the community has secrets about the night the 21-year-old lady went missing.

Whittaker was a young mother. She requested her boyfriend, Travis Blackwell, to keep the six-month-old girl at her mother’s house for the evening in preparation for her first night out since giving birth. He agreed, and between 8:30 and 8:45 p.m., he dropped Whittaker off at Rookie’s Sports Bar. Her friends had gathered to greet her.

The story becomes a little murkier from there. Christina Whittaker was vanished before the end of the evening, and each idea about what happened to her that November night in Hannibal is wilder than the last.

The Disappearance Of Christina Whittaker

A phone call is the first solid piece of evidence from Christina Whittaker’s disastrous night out. Whittaker called Blackwell about 10:30 p.m. and offered to bring him dinner later, according to records. She said she’d be home around midnight and that if she couldn’t find a ride, she’d phone him back.

According to witnesses, Whittaker was escorted out of Rookie’s around 11:45 p.m. for confrontational behavior, according to Las Vegas World News. Her pals refused to accompany her because they “didn’t need to go to jail,” as one of them put it.

Following that, patrons at other adjacent bars reported seeing Whittaker. She went to River City Billiards and then Sportsman’s Bar to ask for a ride from friends and strangers alike, but no one offered to drive her home.

Vanessa Swank, a Whittaker family friend, was the bartender at Sportsman’s Bar that night. Whittaker arrived at her restaurant just as they were about to close, she recounted.

Swank stated Whittaker was on the phone arguing with someone. She turned around a few minutes later to see Whittaker sobbing and going out the back door of the bar.

That was the last time she was seen by anyone.

When Blackwell awoke the next morning and learned his fiancĂ©e had not returned, he called her mother, Cindy Young. Young was out of town when she learnt of her daughter’s disappearance and promptly returned home.

Christina Whittaker with her daughter, Alexandria.

Many people find it strange that nobody reported Whittaker missing until Sunday, more than 24 hours after she disappeared.

“A 21-year-old girl who is the mother of a six-month-old infant and who apparently either speaks to or sees her mother regularly suddenly ups and disappears, but she wasn’t reported missing right away, I’ll admit, look unusual,” wrote Chellie Cervone of Las Vegas World News.

But, according to Captain Jim Hark of the Hannibal Police Department, it’s not as strange as it appears. “It’s not unusual for someone to be gone for a day or two, but beyond that, we start looking into what’s going on.”

The Conflicting Details Of Her Case

Many questions remain unanswered about Christina Whittaker’s disappearance. Even stories of Whittaker’s departure from Rookie’s Sports Bar differ, according to Investigation Discovery.

Whittaker became confrontational, according to the bartender, and was removed out the back door. The bouncer stated he saw her return with another man for a brief moment. Whittaker departed the bar with three or four men, according to another witness.

Meanwhile, one of Whittaker’s pals claimed she spotted Whittaker outside Rookie’s talking to two males in a black car before being asked to leave.

Relentless is a series that chronicles the rumors that swirled about Hannibal in the aftermath of Whittaker’s disappearance. “In Hannibal, Missouri, it seems like everyone has something to conceal,” Christina Fontana, the independent investigator and filmmaker behind the series, said.

Whittaker was allegedly connected with drugs, working as a confidential informant for a police agency, and even having a sexual relationship with police officers in Hannibal, according to reports.

According to Fox News, Fontana stated, “There are also a lot of what-ifs flying about.” “Perhaps she felt compelled to go because of specific circumstances. People may have wished to hurt her because of specific events in her life that we learn about in the show. This is a small town with a population of roughly 17,000 people. When you talk to the locals, you’ll notice that they all agree on one thing: Hannibal is full with rumors. And nothing is exactly as it appears.”

The Bizarre Theories About Christina Whittaker’s Disappearance

Suspicion soon fell on Christina Whittaker’s boyfriend, Travis Blackwell, after she vanished. Three months after Whittaker’s disappearance, her family appeared on The Steve Wilkos Show, when Wilkos attempted to pin Whittaker’s abduction on Blackwell.

Whittaker’s acquaintances had previously stated that she and Blackwell had a history of domestic violence. Wilkos accused Blackwell of not passing a polygraph test that had been performed before filming.

Wilkos even said that Whittaker’s body was discarded in the Mississippi River by Blackwell. Whittaker’s mother, on the other hand, is convinced that Blackwell is innocent.

Young told the Herald-Whig, “I know he would never do anything to injure her.” “That night Christina vanished, he was here.” My kid and his girlfriend were only down the hall from each other. He was present.”

Young believes her daughter was a victim of human trafficking, according to one theory. Within two weeks of Whittaker’s disappearance, an informant told police that Whittaker had been kidnapped and taken to Peoria, Illinois, where she was forced to work in the sex business by a gang of guys who dealt in sex work and drugs.

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