The killing of Geoward By Cynthia Cdebaca

What Happened to “Cynthia Cdebaca”? – For her birthday, Cynthia Cdebaca killed her 53-year-old son-in-law. Cynthia Cdebaca said she shot her son-in-law on February 11, 2014. The day of her 63rd birthday was coming up.

In February 2014, Geoward Eustaquio was shot and killed in his own home. This shocked the city of Fallbrook, California. At least ten shots were fired at Geoward,and this made the crime personal to the killer. Within hours, the police even had a confession.

Geoward Flores Eustaquio was 53 years old and lived in Fallbrook with his wife, Laura Salinas. He was married and had two kids. Laura’s mother, Cynthia Cdebaca, also lived with them. His family members knew that Geoward was a smart and kind man. As an orbital space analyst for the California Air National Guard, he did a lot of different things. When he initially joined them in 2007, he was a technical sergeant. Geoward’s child from his first marriage also lived in the house.

Geoward and his wife

At 8 a.m. on February 11, 2014, authorities were told that several gunshots had been fired at Geoward’s house. They found him dead, with bullets all over the place. Geoward was shot more than ten times by a handgun with a.38 caliber barrel. At the time, no one else was at home. But the killer, who admitted to doing it, would be caught by the police in a few hours.

Who is Cynthia Cdebaca?

Cynthia Cdebaca lived with her daughter Laura Salinas, son-in-law Geoward Flores Eustaquio, and their two children in Fallbrook, California. From the outside, they looked like a normal family, and Cynthia might have even seemed to love her grandchildren. On the other hand, she and her son-in-law had a big fight.

Cynthia Cdebaca

Cynthia couldn’t stand Geoward and didn’t like how he raised his kids. She also said that Geoward had treated his family badly. The police then found out that Geoward was honest about how he felt and didn’t like how Cynthia smoked. That was the beginning of a bad relationship that led to a murder.

On February 11, 2014, when police went to Geoward’s house, they found that he had been shot. Even though it looked like the killer shot through the door when the victim tried to shut it, there was no sign of a fight. After that, an autopsy showed that Geoward had been killed by being shot 12 times with a.38-caliber gun. Just hours after the murder, the police decided to question Cynthia Cdebaca, who at first said she didn’t know about it. But soon after, she changed her mind and said that she had shot her son-in-law.

Cynthia said that she and her son-in-law had a fight about how his daughter was dressed the morning of the murder. After the fight, Cynthia went crazy, and she didn’t think twice about getting her gun and shooting Geoward in the head. Cynthia shot Geoward 12 times before leaving the house. She then ate breakfast at a restaurant and gambled for the rest of the day until she was arrested for murder.

What happened to Cynthia Cdebaca, and where is she now?

Cynthia insisted that she wasn’t guilty and said she wasn’t when she went to court. Cynthia’s lawyers said that she did what was best for her family, and Laura even testified for her, saying that her late husband had been violent toward her. The jury found Cynthia guilty of first-degree murder and gave her a prison sentence of 50 years to life. Cynthia is currently in prison at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, Madera County. She will be able to get out in 2039.

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