An Unhappy Employee Sets Her Work Place On Fire

A unhappy worker allegedly blew up the oil warehouse where she worked in Thailand because she was fed up with her supervisor’s “complaining” and “causing her tension.”

Ann Sriya, 38, allegedly set fire to a piece of paper and put it over a fuel container , creating a fire that engulfed the Prapakorn Oil warehouse in the province of Nakhon Pathom.

She was detained and admitted to arson, telling authorities she was motivated by the stress her 65-year-old employer Pipat Ungprapakorn had inflicted.

The head of the warehouse, Ms. Sriya, is captured on surveillance camera entering the warehouse while clutching what looks to be a piece of paper and then heading behind a row of containers.

CCTV footage, seen passing behind a row of containers.

A second video appears to show flames blazing atop a container in the one-story warehouse that contains thousands of gallons of oil tanks.

The incident, which caused £900,000 in damages, swiftly spread due to the flammable material in the tanks, and stunning images show fireballs and thick plumes of smoke pouring from the .

Video footage showed firemen spraying water from high-pressure hoses over the charred structure as more than 40 fire engines attempted to extinguish the blaze.

In addition to putting out the fire, firefighters had to prevent the burning oil from leaking into a nearby canal and reaching a nearby residential area.

The rescue services ultimately brought the roaring fire under control after four hours.

Sirasini, a villager, reportedly sustained burns on her arm and was brought to the hospital. She is finally safe from harm.

According to reports, more than ten homes were also damaged in the fire.

Officers anticipated that the damages to the oil warehouse would cost approximately £900,000 (40 million THB).

On December 1, police apprehended Ms. Sriya, a Prapakorn Oil employee of nine years, and she allegedly confessed to arson.

She was arrested by the police

She told the authorities that her acts were motivated by the tension imposed by her employer, Pipat Ungprapakarn.

General Chomchawin Purthananon stated, “This is the second time this factory has caused a fire.” The female employee has been with Prapakorn Oil for nine years.

She stated that her employer complained to her often and caused her stress, and she did not anticipate that the fire she ignited would cause this much damage.

Ann was detained while police conducted an interview with the factory owner.

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