Viviane Rodrigues, Killed By Washing Machine As She dips Her Hand To Remove Clothes.

When Viviane Rodrigues put her hand into the machine to grab her clothes, she didn’t realize it was still running and received a massive electric shock at her home in Juazeiro, Brazil.

This week, Viviane Rodrigues was doing laundry at her home in Juazeiro, in north-east Brazil.

She received a tremendous shock, according to investigators, when she put her hand in the machine while it was still running to collect some garments.

Mrs Rodrigues, the mother of a nine-month-old kid, was hurried to the local hospital emergency unit by her husband, but she was proclaimed dead upon arrival.

Her body was transferred to her family’s home in the rural town of Gameleira do Di in the municipality of Campo Formoso after an examination.

On June 16th, she was laid to rest in Gameleira do Di. She is survived by her spouse and little son.

It’s not the first time a washing machine has gone wrong in recent years.

Last year, a little toddler died after being discovered in a switched-on appliance.

According to Stuff, the pre-schooler was discovered unresponsive in a front-loading washing machine.

She put her hand in the machine while it was still running to retrieve her clothing

Officers were alerted to an incident in Christchurch, New Zealand, according to a spokeswoman.

“One individual was injured and transferred to the hospital, where they later died,” the force stated.

“Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death, and the coroner has been notified.”

The risks of washing machines in the presence of youngsters have been well publicized.

Since 2014, there have been at least three connected deaths of children aged five and under, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Approximately 3,000 emergency hospital visits have also been linked to washing machines.

Non-profit group Consumer Reports say of the risks: “It’s critical that parents explain to their young children that appliances are not toys, and that they can be dangerous

“It’s also critical to warn anyone minding your children while you’re away about any potential threats.”

“Keep in mind that young children are at a developmental stage in which they are particularly curious.”

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