Woman Faked Being A Cancer Patient To Raise Funds For Her Gambling Habit

Nicole Elkabbas put up a GoFundMe page and got more than £45,000 from 700 different people despite receiving a clear bill of health just days earlier. To persuade them, she used an image and made up story.

A woman who said she needed the money for cancer treatment spent £36,000 on vacations, gambling, shopping trips, dining out, and even a private box for a football game.

The single mother deceived 700 people into giving more than $45,000 by pretending she had cancer.

On her GoFundMe website, Nicole Elkabbas made a bogus claim that she required money to pay for a private ovarian cancer treatment in Spain. Her appeal raised a total of £45,350.

But days before the campaign was organized, physicians in Broadstairs, Kent, gave the 44-year-old the all-clear from cancer.

She will only be required to pay back £5 after defrauding the public of a substantial sum of money.

The Daily Mail reports that after looking into her finances, investigators determined she made a total of £36,000 through illicit activity, Canterbury Crown Court was informed.

Additionally, they discovered that she lost more than £60,000 in gambling in 2018.

In her November 2020 trial, the former fashion consultant for Harrods entered a not guilty plea, saying she really thought she had cancer.

Judge Mark Weekes gave Elkabbas a sentence of two years and nine months in jail, calling her scheme “pure wild fantasy and a planned deception” that was used to support her gambling habit.

She made the page despite being given the all-clear of cancer by doctors days before

In order to keep the people you had duped into handing you money, he added, “You gave detailed and occasionally graphic tales of the care you were receiving.”

Nicole Needs Our Help – Treatment’ was the subject of her GoFundMe page, which also included a fragile image of her shot months earlier following gall bladder surgery.

She was introduced as a “beautiful daughter” and a “loving mother to her dear 11-year-old son” in the description before claiming that she had undergone three operations and six rounds of chemotherapy and that she now urgently needed money to pay for a breakthrough drug in Spain as the “only way she could be saved.”

She also blew £60K on gambling

But when London-based gynecologist Consultant General George Tsavellas discovered the fundraising, he discovered! absolutely no malignancy! She claimed that following a keyhole procedure in January 2018, both ovaries “appeared normal.”

Police visited Barcelona’s Teknon Clinic, where she claimed to be residing, after swiftly realizing the photo was shot in Margate and not Spain.

The clinic claimed they had never heard of her, and Spanish media reported that the doctor who was treating her did not exist.

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