A Woman Who Was Tormented For Her Facial Hair Feels Free After She Let The Hair Grow Without Trying To Remove Them

After giving up shaving and embracing her natural beauty by allowing her facial hair grow, a 26-year-old Morgan Coleman who was tormented during her teenage years feels “free.”

When Morgan Coleman was 11 years old, she first noticed hair on her cheeks, chin, and neck. Throughout her childhood and adolescence, she tried to cover the hair.

She claims that she was harassed by obnoxious individuals who called her ugly, a freak, a male, and claimed that she was transgender.

Morgan tried every method possible to get rid of the hair, including electrolysis, but all of them failed since the bullying had severely damaged her self-confidence.

Prior to experiencing menstruation problems and seeing her GP for assistance in 2019, Morgan claims that doctors had rejected her worries.

On her ovaries, an ultrasound revealed a cyst.

In January 2021, Morgan received her final hirsutism and polycystic ovary syndrome diagnoses

After more than 15 years of concealment, the 26-year-old had now made the decision to embrace her true self.

She used to remove the facial hair

It’s time to embrace my natural look, and strangely, people aren’t as critical as you may imagine, said Morgan.

“I do struggle with self-esteem; years of bullying do have an influence on your confidence, but I am feeling lot more confident now that I’ve chosen to embrace my natural face,” she admitted.

“I feel like I can deal with it now. It’s hard to put into words, but I feel liberated. Now when I wake up, that’s the last thing I consider.

“It felt awful and lonely. Young adults and children were both incredibly cruel. For many years, I experienced tremendous bullying. I don’t have many pleasant memories of my time in school.

After being hospitalized for six days in April 2022 after contracting Covid-19 while on vacation, Morgan made the decision to accept her facial hair, stating that the experience allowed her to reflect.

“I decided it was time to put my physical and emotional health first, and for me, part of accomplishing that was to accept the things I can’t alter,” Morgan said. Each of us is special. There is nothing wrong with having a unique appearance.

She has come to embrace herself for who she is

Morgan hasn’t looked back since giving up the razors two months ago, and she loves her newfound confidence as her facial hair is no longer concealed.

She claims she has received “disgusted stares” from people, but she feels more liberated since accepting her natural face. She does not have any plans to go back and get the hair removed.

The greatest way to create acceptance and normalize facial hair on women, according to Morgan, is to raise awareness by providing information, responding to inquiries, and sharing knowledge. Such a widespread syndrome as PCOS.

“I feel like I can deal with it now. It’s hard to express, but I feel liberated. Now when I get up, that’s the last thing I consider.

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