How A Pregnant Bethany Decker Disappeared Without A Trace

Bethany Decker was last seen on January 29, 2011, but no one reported her missing for three weeks because her Facebook account was still being used to send messages.

Bethany Decker was juggling a lot of responsibilities. She had a small son, a husband overseas in Afghanistan, and an ongoing affair with a coworker in addition to her waitressing career and studies at George Mason University. As a result, when Decker went silent at the end of January 2011, no one was alarmed.

Decker’s friends and family, on the other hand, became increasingly concerned as time passed. Decker had not turned up at work or school for three weeks, and the Facebook messages posted from her account didn’t seem to be from her.

The 21-year-old, who was five months pregnant at the time, seemed to vanish without a trace, much to the dismay of her family. Suspicion fell on both her husband and her domineering boyfriend, and the case took a lot of unexpected twists and turns over the years.

Despite the fact that Bethany Decker is still missing, investigators have made tremendous progress in solving her case.

Bethany Decker Was Involved In A Love Triangle Before Her Disappearance

Bethany Anne Decker (née Littlejohn) was born on May 13, 1989, in Fredericksburg, Virginia, with huge plans for her future. She enrolled at George Mason University after graduating from Stafford High School, where she planned to study global and economic transformation.

Decker outlined her aspirations in a letter to her future self when she was 19 years old. She wanted to get married, have a child, start a profession, and go to Europe, according to ABC 7. Some of her initiatives would be implemented immediately, while others would be delayed.

Decker was successful in achieving two of her goals in 2009. She married Emile Decker, an Army National Guardsman, after becoming pregnant by him. They have a son named Kai. Decker then concentrated on her education while her new husband was stationed in Afghanistan.

Bethany had big dreams for her future

She also worked at Carrabba’s Italian Grill in Centreville, Virginia, as a waiter. Decker met Ronald Roldan, a Bolivian immigrant ten years her senior, at the event. In September 2010, she moved into an apartment with him after the two began dating.

Decker’s family, on the other hand, had a horrible feeling about her new lover. Decker described Roldan as “very controlling,” according to the Daily Mail. Kimberly Nelson, Decker’s mother, feared he’d grown violent with both Decker and her kid.

She told the Daily Mail, “We can’t prove it, but Kai had black eyes for his first birthday.” “According to the account, he was being watched by a friend who didn’t have any children, and he was holding on to a chair when he fell backwards.” My parents, on the other hand, claimed that when they saw Kai, he was terrified of Ronald.”

Decker had begun to consider leaving Roldan, according to Nelson, despite the fact that she was many months pregnant with his child. She was also attempting to reunite with her husband, who had recently returned from a short leave in Afghanistan. Bethany and Emile Decker flew to Hawaii together in late January 2011 to attempt to work things out.

Bethany Decker, on the other hand, vanished just one day after they returned.

The Young, Pregnant Mother’s Mysterious Disappearance

Decker called her job from the home she shared with Ronald Roldan on Jan. 29, 2011, one day after she and her husband returned from Hawaii. According to WTOP, she spoke with a coworker at 2:08 p.m. and requested to work the evening shift.

Decker then exited their flat, according to Roldan. Roldan appeared to go about his business, withdrawing money from an ATM at 4:26 p.m. and messaging Decker again around the same time to say he’d be at their apartment, looking after two children he shared with another lady.

According to WUSA 9, that woman, Danielle Olvera, inquired about Decker when she dropped off the kids at 4:30 p.m. Roldan informed her that he had no idea where Decker was or when she would return. When Olvera arrived several hours later, she discovered Decker’s car in the parking lot, and Roldan replied he had no idea why it was there.

Pregnant Bethany

Despite this, Decker’s friends and family were unconcerned. When Decker failed to show up at the airport to say farewell to her husband when he went to Afghanistan on Feb. 2, they chalked it up to their recurring marital issues.

According to WUSA 9, Decker even appeared to send messages from her Facebook account in February 2011 — despite the fact that her friends noted she was unable to answer simple inquiries about her life or her trip to Hawaii.

Decker was not reported missing until February 19 – three weeks after she failed to show up for work. Her vehicle was still parked in front of her building when police arrived, and Roldan’s mother’s house was searched for the car’s key and fob. Decker, on the other hand, had vanished without a trace.

Bethany’s Husband

The case of Bethany Decker’s disappearance grew cold after that. However, authorities believe they have identified her kidnapper, her boyfriend, Ronald Roldan.

The Case Against Ronald Roldan, Bethany Decker’s Boyfriend

Ronald Roldan was charged with the kidnapping of Bethany Decker on November 9, 2020. He was also charged with second-degree murder in December of that year. So, why do detectives suspect Roldan is responsible for Decker’s death?

According to WTOP, Decker and Roldan’s Facebook profiles were accessed from the same IP address during a search warrant in 2019. Roldan may have sent Decker’s friends messages from her account after she vanished, based on this.

“Roldan is accused of impersonating Decker to keep her abduction from being discovered by her family and friends,” said Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office detective Mark Bush, who added that Roldan had provided inconsistent versions regarding Decker’s disappearance.

Following Decker’s disappearance, Roldan displayed a violent streak. Vickey Willoughby, his lover, was viciously beaten in 2014, with him shooting her in the head and breaking her neck. According to Oxygen, Roldan pled guilty to charges related to the attack and was sentenced to six to eight years in jail in North Carolina.

Ronald Roldan

Willoughby, who lost an eye in the attack, subsequently told WUSA 9: “He basically informed me that he can make people disappear.” “And that I should keep quiet and not go to the cops.” I’m simply glad he’ll still be locked up and behind bars, since then he won’t be able to harm anyone else.”

Instead of being deported to Bolivia at the end of his sentence, Roldan was extradited to Virginia to face charges in the abduction of Bethany Decker. However, the story does not finish there.

Roldan’s defense team aims to move the attention to her husband, Emile Decker, who they claim failed a polygraph test relating to his wife’s abduction, according to WTOP reporting from August 2021.

As a result, Bethany Decker’s disappearance remains a mystery. Ronald Roldan, her ex-boyfriend, is scheduled to go on trial on January 30, 2023. The world may perhaps finally learn what happened to the missing 21-year-old, who previously had such lofty ambitions for her future life.

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