How Gypsy Rose Arranged For Her Abusive Mother’s Death

Gypsy Dee Dee Blanchard held Rose Blanchard as a prisoner for 20 years; after that, Rose and her boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn exacted bloody retribution.

You couldn’t help but fall in love with Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her mother Dee Dee Blanchard for some reason.

A mother who was committed to giving her daughter everything she ever desired, and a daughter who was afflicted with cancer, muscular dystrophy, and a myriad of other maladies but who always smiled. They appeared to be the epitome of motivation and hope for more than 20 years.

The neighborhood fell into chaos as a result of Dee Dee being fatally murdered in her own home while her ill daughter was nowhere to be located. They believed that the girl could not possibly be self-sufficient. What if, even worse, the person who killed Dee Dee had also taken Gypsy Rose hostage?

Gypsy Rose was the target of a manhunt, but to everyone’s amazement, she was discovered just a few days later. However, the Gypsy Rose they discovered was not at all the same girl who had vanished. The cops discovered a strong young woman who could move and eat by herself, not a thin, helpless cancer sufferer.

Immediately, concerns about the adored mother-daughter team surfaced. How did Gypsy Rose transform so drastically in one day? Had she ever been genuinely ill? Most importantly, was she responsible for Dee Dee Blanchard’s passing?

The Gypsy Rose Blanchard Childhood

Gypsy Rose Blanchard was born in Golden Meadow, Louisiana, on July 27, 1991. Her mother Dee Dee Blanchard and father Rod Blanchard had split up just before her birth. Rod gave a different account than Dee Dee’s portrayal of him as a drug addict deadbeat who had abandoned his kid.

Rod claims that he was only 17 years old when Dee Dee, then 24, fell pregnant with Gypsy Rose. He married Dee Dee after learning of her pregnancy, but he soon saw that he had “married for the wrong reasons.” Rod continued to communicate with Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose even after they split up and continued to send them money.

Dee Dee established herself as a model parent early on, a selfless single mother who would sacrifice anything for her child. She also gave off the impression that she was certain that something was seriously wrong with her daughter.

Gypsy and her mom

Dee Dee brought Gypsy Rose to the hospital when she was a baby because she thought she had sleep apnea. Dee Dee was persistent and eventually came to the conclusion that Gypsy Rose had an unidentified chromosomal issue even though there were no symptoms of the illness. After that, she kept a close eye on her kid out of worry that something terrible might happen at any time.

Gypsy Rose then fell off her grandfather’s motorcycle when she was about eight years old. She was taken to the hospital by Dee Dee, where she received treatment for a minor cut on her knee. Dee Dee wasn’t persuaded that her daughter had recovered, though. She thought Gypsy Rose would require a number of operations if she ever hoped to walk again. Gypsy Rose would continue to need a wheelchair until then, Dee Dee decided, in order to prevent aggravating her knee any further.

Dee Dee merely relocated to a different Louisiana hamlet that was nearer to New Orleans as her family began to wonder about Gypsy Rose’s condition. She located a dilapidated apartment and subsisted on the disability payments she received as a result of Gypsy Rose’s purported illnesses.

Rose was made to remain in wheel chair even though she could walk

Dee Dee said that Gypsy Rose now had vision and hearing issues in addition to her chromosomal condition and muscular dystrophy after bringing her to a hospital in New Orleans. She also asserted that the child had started having convulsions. Gypsy Rose was given generic painkillers and anti-seizure medicine even though medical tests revealed no evidence of any of these conditions.

Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose Blanchard had to relocate to Aurora, Missouri, in the north, due to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. There, the two rose to small fame as advocates for the rights of the ill and the crippled.

They received visits to Disney World and backstage access to a Miranda Lambert concert from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Habitat for Humanity built them a home with a wheelchair ramp and a hot tub.

But it wasn’t just for fun.

Why Dee Dee Blanchard’s Lies Started To Come to Light

Doctors across the country were interested in Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose Blanchard when they received press from numerous foundations. Soon, experts began getting in touch with Dee Dee to see if there was anything they could help with. One of them, Bernardo Flasterstein, a Springfield-based pediatric neurologist, offered to see Gypsy Rose at his office.

But Flasterstein found something shocking when she was there. In addition to not having muscular dystrophy, Gypsy Rose also denied having any of the other illnesses Dee Dee said she had.

He said to Dee Dee, “I don’t see any reason why she doesn’t walk. He started calling doctors in New Orleans after Dee Dee dismissed him. Flasterstein was able to locate doctors whose records had survived, despite Dee Dee’s allegation that the hurricane had destroyed all of Gypsy Rose’s records.

Gypsy Rose was, for all intents and purposes, a healthy child, and after speaking with them again, he came to the conclusion that Dee Dee was the one who was genuinely ill. Dee Dee may have had Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a mental disease in which a caretaker fabricates ailments for a patient under their care.

she fabricated her daughters illness, a symptom of mental disorder

Gypsy Rose had also started to worry that her mother might be severely ill, but Flasterstein was unaware of this.

Gypsy Rose was actually 19 years old in 2010, despite Dee Dee’s claims to the contrary. She was already aware that she could walk, therefore she realized she wasn’t as ill as her mother had stated. She had no formal education beyond the second grade, but she had taught herself to read with the help of the Harry Potter books.

Since she first sensed that something was strange, Gypsy Rose has been trying to get away from her mother. One night, she even knocked on the door of her neighbor while standing unaided and pleading for a trip to the hospital. But Dee Dee, who had clearly honed this skill over the years, quickly interfered and explained the entire situation away.

Dee Dee would always say that Gypsy Rose’s mind was muddled by illness if Gypsy Rose started to wander, show signs of independence, or act otherwise than an innocent kid suffering from a fatal illness.

Bernardo Flasterstein

She would claim that she had a mental disability or that the drugs she was using had rendered her unable to understand what she was saying. People accepted the lies because of Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose’s endearing personalities and their motivational relationship. Gypsy Rose, though, was becoming impatient at this time.

How Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her online boyfriend committed Dee Dee’s murder

Gypsy Rose started utilizing the internet after the event with the neighbor to meet guys in online chat groups when Dee Dee went to bed. Gypsy Rose persisted in chatting with the men in the hopes that one of them could help her, despite the fact that her mother shackled her to her bed and threatened to break her fingers off with a hammer when she learned about her online activities.

Finally, in 2012, when she was about 21 years old, she met Wisconsin-born Nicholas Godejohn, who was 23. Godejohn had a history of mental illness and a criminal record for indecent exposure, but Gypsy Rose wasn’t deterred. Nicholas Godejohn visited Gypsy Rose a few months after they first met, and while Dee Dee was enjoying a rare single outing, the two had sex. They then started making preparations for Dee Dee’s murder.

Nicholas serves life in prison

Nicholas Godejohn appeared to be the person Gypsy Rose had been waiting for to save her. The two discussed plans for Dee Dee’s death on Facebook. When Dee Dee had gone to bed, Godejohn would wait for Gypsy Rose to let him in so he could carry out the deed.

Then, it was completed one evening in June 2015. Nicholas Godejohn stabbed Dee Dee 17 times in the back while Gypsy Rose watched from another room as she slept on her bed. The couple fled to Godejohn’s house in Wisconsin shortly after Dee Dee died, and a few days later, they were apprehended there.

Although many at first thought that the person who killed Gypsy Rose’s mother had stolen her, authorities swiftly discovered the reality thanks to the many hints that the pair had left behind. Most notably, Gypsy Rose had written the strange comment “That B*tch is dead!” on Dee Dee’s Facebook page, which investigators instantly linked to Godejohn’s residence.

Later, Gypsy Rose Blanchard said that she had written the message in order for people to find her mother’s corpse. Even though she didn’t anticipate getting caught, her eventual incarceration provided her the chance to finally tell the world her true tale. The sympathy that had always followed Dee Dee eventually shifted to Gypsy Rose.

People who had previously expressed grief for Dee Dee’s passing were now indignant that she could treat a child in such a cruel way. Dee Dee had dramatically changed Gypsy Rose’s appearance to make her appear worse and younger, removing her hair before to “leukemia” treatments and ostensibly allowing her teeth to rot out. Many people were also startled to learn that Gypsy Rose was in her 20s.

Gypsy Rose in prison

Gypsy Rose was eventually classified as a child abuse victim by psychiatrists. Gypsy Rose was not only coerced into making up ailments, but Dee Dee also assaulted her, damaged her stuff, chained her to her bed, and occasionally even denied her food. Later, several specialists suggested that Dee Dee’s actions may have been caused by Munchausen syndrome by proxy. However, despite the shift in popular sentiment against Dee Dee, the question of her murder remained.

In the end, Gypsy Rose said that in an effort to get away from mom, she had asked Nicholas Godejohn to murder her mother. Soon after, the murder of Dee Dee Blanchard and the volatile circumstances leading up to it served as the basis for several true-crime television shows, including HBO’s Mommy Dead and Dearest and The Act on Hulu.

The actual Gypsy Rose Blanchard admitted to the second-degree murder charge in 2016 and was finally given a 10-year prison term. (For first-degree murder, Nicholas Godejohn received a life sentence.) Gypsy Rose is currently incarcerated at the Chillicothe Correctional Center in Missouri, where she is serving out her term, however she might be available for parole as soon as 2023.

Gypsy Rose has subsequently learned more about her mother’s condition and has accepted the abuse she endured. Although she feels bad about killing Dee Dee, she insists that she is better off without her.

In 2018, she stated, “I feel more liberated in prison than I do at home with my mother.” “Because now I can just… live like a regular woman,” she said.

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