The Real Story Of Bathsheba Sherman Who Inspired The Movie “The Conjuring”

How did Bathsheba Sherman, a real lady who died in Rhode Island in 1885, become the baby-killing witch featured in The Conjuring?

Bathsheba Sherman, the terrifying demon who terrorized the Perron family in The Conjuring, was not a completely made-up character. Some thought she was a Satanist witch who was related to Mary Eastey, who was hanged at the Salem Witch Trials. Others believe Sherman murdered children in Connecticut during the nineteenth century.

According to historical sources, Bathsheba Thayer was born in 1812 and married a farmer named Judson Sherman in Connecticut before giving birth to a son named Herbert. Meanwhile, folklore has it that she was caught later offering her kid to Satan with a sewing needle. She allegedly climbed a tree and hanged herself, cursing those who would dare to reside on her land.

Bathsheba Sherman threatened to haunt anyone who occupied the ground where her home previously stood, according to paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. The Perron family, who had moved onto the farm in 1971, contacted the newlyweds. Household things started to vanish, and their children were allegedly visited by a wicked female spirit every night.

Andrea Perron, their eldest daughter, has written a book called House of Darkness: House of Light about her traumatic childhood. While some argue that the Warrens are simply profiting from the inexplicable, Perron has remained firm in her beliefs. However, in order to distinguish reality from fiction in the true narrative of The Conjuring, one must return to the life of the real Bathsheba Sherman.

The Story Of Bathsheba Sherman

Bathsheba Thayer had a happy upbringing, according to all accounts. She would mature into a sought-after beauty and marry at the age of 32 in 1844. Her husband owned a 200-acre farm in Harrisville, Rhode Island, where he managed a successful fruit company. However, the wedded bride would quickly be seen as a threat by the community.

The Sherman Farm in 1885

Bathsheba Sherman was taken care of her next-door neighbor’s son when he died mysteriously. The child’s skull had been pierced with a little, but lethal tool, according to local physicians. Despite the fact that Sherman was the last person to care for the boy, the case was never brought to court, and the local ladies were furious.

Bathsheba Sherman’s kid will never celebrate his first birthday, according to mythology, because his mother stabbed him to death a week after he was born. Her befuddled husband is claimed to have caught her in the act, witnessing her swear loyalty to the Devil before mounting the tree from which she would hang in 1849.

While some claimed to have three more children, there are no census records to support this assertion. However, other people believe that none of the siblings lived past the age of seven. Bathsheba Sherman’s story is mostly unsourced, and Judson Sherman died in 1881, according to archives.

Bathsheba Sherman’s purported suicide in 1849 appears to be a complete fabrication, as her monument in downtown Harrisville lists her death date as May 25, 1885. Andrea Perron is now skeptical that it was Sherman who frightened her as a child — rather, it was the matriarch of the adjoining Arnold Estate who hanged herself in the barn in 1797.

The Haunting Of The Perron Family And The True Story Of The Conjuring

Roger Perron, a cash-strapped truck driver, was pleased to close on the low-cost 14-bedroom farmhouse in 1970. In January of the following year, the family moved in. His wife Carolyn and their five girls had settled in nicely until strange noises began to emanate from vacant rooms and belongings began to vanish.

The kids started talking about ghosts and spirits visiting them at night. One of them was Oliver Richardson, a young man who befriended Andrea’s younger sister, April. Cindy noticed them as well, and told April that these ghosts couldn’t leave the house to play because they were locked inside.

Roger Perron Family

“My father just wanted them to leave, to act like none of it was true, that it was all in our heads,” Andrea explained. “But it began to happen to him as well, and he couldn’t deny it any more.”

With no one at home, Carolyn Perron discovered neatly heaped dirt in the midst of rooms she had just completed cleaning. Andrea, on the other hand, was tortured nightly by a hostile female spirit with a bent neck, which she thought had been hanged. Andrea believed it was trying to take possession of her mother in order to murder her and her siblings.

“Whoever the spirit was, she saw herself as the mistress of the house, and she despised my mother’s competitors for that position,” Andrea Perron said.

When Carolyn Perron learned of this, she called a local historian, who informed her about Bathsheba Sherman’s activities, including starvation and beatings of her farmmaids. The Sherman Farm had remained in the same family for eight centuries, according to the records, and many of the people who lived there perished in unusual ways: drowning, hanging, and murder.

Edward Warren Miney and Lorraine Rita Warren were American self-taught paranormal investigators

The Perrons phoned the Warrens, convinced that Bathsheba Sherman was stalking them. Ed and Lorraine, both self-taught demonologists and self-described clairvoyants, agreed with that conclusion. Carolyn Perron supposedly became possessed and nearly died during a seance the couple had in 1974.

Is The Conjuring Based On A True Story, From Bathsheba Sherman To The Perrons?

Andrea Perron claims that her mother’s corpse twisted into a ball. Andrea mistook her mother’s scream for her death. Her mother was possessed for several minutes, according to her, and her head was pounded against the floor. Her mother was knocked out briefly before resuming her previous state.

Andrea remarked, “I felt I was going to pass out.” “My mother began to speak in a language she didn’t understand and in a voice she didn’t recognize. She was catapulted across the room when her chair levitated.”

Andrea Perron’s father kicked the Warrens out for good after that, according to her book and the documentary Bathsheba: Search for Evil. They only came back once more to make sure Carolyn Perron had made it through the seance. Due to financial constraints, the Perron family was obliged to stay in the house until 1980.

Finally, Ed and Lorraine Warren’s presence has provided fuel for skeptics who may have good reason to condemn them as frauds. In The Conjuring, the plot has been shortened and dramatized in general. While Andrea Perron claims to remember every horrifying moment of The Conjuring, the true story of the film remains unknown.

Andrea Perron

“The things that happened there were just so terrifying,” she added. “Talking about it today still upsets me… My mother and I both prefer to keep our mouths shut rather than utter a falsehood. People have the freedom to believe whatever they wish. But I’m aware of what we went through.”

She claims the film took liberties with the story, such as adding blood or substituting an exorcism for the seance. Without The Conjuring, it’s probable that most people would never have heard of Bathsheba Sherman. When she died, legend has it, she turned into stone. Others blamed a rare form of paralysis, which, like most elements of Sherman’s narrative, appears to be more plausible than supernatural causes.


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