What excuse did this man give for killing the newly pregnant wife of a marine?

The murderer claims in court that there was no planning involved in the killing despite strangling Marine wife Erin Corwin with a homemade garrote.

A week before she was killed by strangulation and left in an abandoned mine shaft close to Joshua Tree National Park in 2014, Erin Corwin learned she was pregnant. Jonathan Corwin, a US Marine, was married to Corwin, and the two were residing at the Californian Marine installation in Twentynine Palms. However, Jonathan did not own the child. Later, the murderer of Corwin was convicted of first-degree murder.

The murderer misled investigators by saying he didn’t see Corwin the day she went missing. But in November 2016, after admitting to strangling the woman with a homemade garrote, he claimed to the jury that it was an act of passion rather than premeditation.
He stated at his sentencing, “I did not want to murder Erin, and I did not plan to kill Erin,”.


So why did he murder her? He allegedly accused her of abusing his 6-year-old daughter. At least that’s what he told the jury, who nonetheless unanimously found him guilty of premeditated murder.

On “Killer Affair,” Isabel Megli commented, “It was so pathetic because you knew it wasn’t true.” Corwin frequently went to the neighborhood horse pasture owned by Megli. Erin and his daughter were close friends.

According to Shanna Hogan, author of “Secrets of a Marine Wife,” Corwin was a frequent babysitter for the child and had a strong bond with her. After all, Erin Corwin’s neighbor, covert lover, and murderer in June 2014 was Christopher Lee, the girl’s father.

After driving Corwin to the national park, according to Lee, he was furious when she allegedly confessed to him that she had assaulted his child.

“I was under the anger’s grip. The Desert Sun quoted Lee as saying in the San Bernardino County courtroom, “The hate I felt that day, it was something I never want to experience again. He described using a garrote comprised of a cable and two pieces of rebar to strangle the victim, which took at least five minutes. Lee claimed that after making sure Corwin was dead, he pushed her headfirst into the mine shaft. The body wasn’t discovered by police for over two months.

Erin Corwin can be seen in this undated photo provided by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office in California. In Southern California, where her husband had been stationed, the body of the missing, pregnant wife of a U.S. Marine was discovered deep below an abandoned mine shaft. The remains of Corwin, 20, were recognized by dental records

In 2018, Lee filed an appeal of his conviction, but the California court rejected it, stating in their decision that “no one ever expressed a concern about Erin’s connection with the child [Lee’s daughter]” whom she occasionally looked after.

He argues that if the jury had been given more information, it could have determined that he did not plan and deliberate the murder and judged him guilty of second-degree murder rather than first-degree murder. Although we disagree, we uphold the ruling.

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