Marcus Wesson, The Horrible Story Of The Black Jesus

On the 12th of March 2004, a little Californian community in Fresno experienced a life-altering day. In the front yard of a modest house, two women shouted wildly alongside their friends and family. They sought the release of their kids to them. An gigantic man, standing at almost six feet tall, made an effort to calm the two fearful mothers. After seeing the disturbance outside, the neighbors dialed 911.

When the cops arrived, they thought it was a case of child custody dispute.

But the strange man with the long dreadlocks went back inside and locked the door.


Nine of the victims

He was compelled to open the door and speak to the police. Everyone at that moment heard the initial gunshot. A string of gunfire pierced the air within minutes. The home was surrounded by cops. Marcus Wesson, the same gigantic man covered in blood, walked calmly out into the bright sunlight. As he was led into a set of handcuffs, he was strangely calm.

The Gruesome Scene

Nine dead bodies were found stacked in a bedroom in the house. Seven of the victims were under the age of twelve. The other two victims were Elizabeth Breani Kina Wesson, age 17, and Sebhrenah April Wesson, age 25.

Sofina Solorio and Ruby Ortiz were the mothers who fervently pleaded for their children on that terrible day. Marcus Wesson was the elderly man with the dreadlocks, and those distraught mothers were his nieces. Wesson killed nine of his children because he thought he was Jesus and that “we would all go to heaven” if anyone tried to split up the family. They would rather go to heaven and be together than be on earth and be separated.


Officials carrying one of the caskets

Marcus Wesson claimed that Jesus Christ was a vampire, which is even stranger. He guessed that both possessed the key to everlasting existence. He claimed that “drinking blood was the path to immortality” in the bible he wrote. Months prior to the killing, Wesson had also bought the family a dozen antique coffins, further supporting the Anne Rice way of life. He had stated that the caskets were used as beds for his kids.

Abuse in the Wesson family

In Fresno, California, the Wesson family had gained notoriety as the dark details of their past came to light.

All eighteen of Marcus Wesson’s descendants were fathered or grandfathered by him. With his nieces Ruby Ortiz, Rosa Solorio, and Sofina Solorio as well as his daughters Kiani and Sebhrenah, he continued an incestuous relationship. Wesson also secretly wed three of his nieces and two of his daughters, giving birth to a large family.

Ruby Ortiz, one of the nieces, claimed that Marcus Wesson started harassing her when she was just eight years old. Wesson had informed her, according to her, that the sexual assault was “a father’s way to demonstrate affection to his daughter.”

Wesson told Ortiz when she was thirteen that “God wants man to have more than one wife” and that she was now old enough to wed him. Additionally, he underlined that “God’s people are disappearing. We must safeguard God’s children. For the Lord, we must have more children. As a result, Ortiz and Wesson had a baby boy they called Aviv.


Girls of the Wesson descent

Wesson had also been a very ardent admirer of the Branch Davidian leader David Koresh, who had a large family. After a 51-day federal agent siege in 1993, Koresh and over 80 of his followers perished in a fire at their Waco, Texas, compound.

Wesson explained to his kids that this is how the world is assaulting God’s people as they watched news reports of the siege on television. This man and I are identical. He is bearing offspring in the Lord’s name. Having children for the Lord is what we should be doing.

But Rosa Solorio and Kiani Wesson, Marcus Wesson’s daughters/nieces, stated that the women in the home were living happily. They had stated that “Anything that occurred in the home was decided upon and discussed.” It was entirely deliberate. Our family was democratic… Never was there any forced sexual activity or rape.

The girls had admitted to “artificial insemination” when questioned by the father of their children.

Marcus Wesson’s Disgraceful Past

Marcus Wesson’s history of sexual abuse of his daughters and nieces did not start with them. It all started when he first encountered Elizabeth Wesson, his legally married wife, when she was just eight years old, and then wedded her at fifteen. In an interview, Elizabeth claimed that Wesson informed her, “I belonged to him,” when she was eight years old. And that I was already his wife. She continued by describing her early friendship with Wesson. She had been persuaded by Wesson that she was unique. And that I was chosen by the Lord to be his wife.

Elizabeth became pregnant by the time she was fourteen. And by the time she was 26 years old, she had already given birth to 11 kids.

Wesson’s sons, who asserted that their father had raised them as Seventh-Day Adventists and that “he’s the best dad someone could ever have,” had a very different experience than his daughters. One son, Serafino Wesson, said he couldn’t believe his father was the murderer ” Though he seems incredibly threatening…he’s such a lovely man, I can’t believe he did it”. .


The Wesson’s family home

Since it was frowned upon for sexes to interact, the Wesson sons were raised apart from their sisters. The Wesson family’s male offspring were thus largely ignorant of the bizarre interactions between their father and their sisters.

On hearing that Marcus Wesson was going to move the entire family to Washington State, Sofina Solorio and Ruby Ortiz arrived at the Wesson family home on that fateful day to knock on the door.

Sofina and Ruby hurried to ask for custody of their sons out of worry that they would lose all touch with them. They insisted that Wesson had given his word that he would treat their sons with respect when they left them in his care. But instead, a burst of gunshots destroyed their entire future. Marcus Wesson received a lethal injection death sentence in the murder trial that followed. He is currently a death row inmate at San Quentin State Prison.


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