Inside Story- From Selling Real Far To Selling Fart NFT

While subsisting on a diet of yogurt, eggs, and beans, Stephanie Matto sold her jarred flatulence for $1,000 each and generated over $200,000 in her two-month business. However, she ended up in the hospital after believing she was having a heart attack.

She is an Influencer, YouTuber, author, and former 90 Day Fiancé celebrity. But she recently started a new business after learning there was a lot of demand for a somewhat unusual product. She discovered a lucrative side job in November bottling and selling her own farts, but things quickly went horribly wrong.

She spent her days for two months farting into glass jars with flower petals inside and sending them to fans. Amazingly, Matto sold more than $200,000 worth of farts on the adult website Ulfiltrd, earning $50,000 each week in December solely from fart sales.

However, Matto was hospitalized in January 2021 for what she believed to be a heart attack but which turned out to be a deadly accumulation of gas from her flatulence-inducing diet. She now claims that her days of selling farts are behind her.

How Stephanie Matto, of 90 Day Fiancé, Became A Fart Seller

Stephanie Matto, who was born in Derby, Connecticut, on September 21, 1990, reached adulthood as Twitter and other social media sites started to take off. One year before she turned 18, the first iPhone was released, and not long after that, Instagram. Reality television also dominated many families’ television screens.

Matto sold her jarred flatulence for $1,000 each

It must have seemed like a dream to be chosen for the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days cast on TLC. In its fourth season, which began in August 2017, Matto joined the cast. Erika Owens, an Australian woman, was Matto’s romantic interest in the show, which highlighted couples who had only recently met in person after meeting online.

Despite the fact that some cynical fans think Matto only joined 90 Day Fiancé to promote her YouTube channel, Matto did well on the show and developed a devoted following.

Whatever her intentions, Matto has succeeded in using her popularity to advance her career and commercial ventures. She has a profile on Instagram, TikTok, 373,000 YouTube subscribers, has published books, and started the adult website Unfiltrd, which launched a completely different career.

In November, Stephanie Matto discovered there was money to be gained after a fan asked for a pickled fart on her new website for $1,000. IFL Science claims that she started consistently granting these requests and even providing discounts during the holidays. She once made 97 jar sales in two days.
How a Fart in a Jar Put a Star in the Hospital

According to Stephanie Matto, “I think my main goal was money, but I also thought it’d be a great publicity stunt that would catch a lot of people’s attention,” she said in a December 2020 interview with Buzzfeed.

“And it’s definitely effective… I’ve recently been highly aware of the various markets and niches that exist thanks to my own adult-friendly site.

Matto, though, was ultimately in charge of the demand and altered her diet to meet it. She said in an Instagram video that her diet consisted mainly of protein muffins, eggs, and beans. One day, all she needed to get the gas she required was three protein shakes and a big bowl of black bean soup.

Stephanie Matto in a medical facility

As fate would have it, the jars started to sell like hotcakes as soon as she placed them up for sale. “Honestly, I found the demand unbelievable. I believe that many people secretly harbor this fetish. I started off eating largely protein smoothies, muffins, and hard-boiled eggs.

Stephanie Matto in the hospital

When Stephanie Matto’s way of life eventually became unsustainable, she had to check herself into the hospital as the majority of the world was ushering in the new year. The incident in early January 2022 reportedly started with chest problems, progressed to an anxiety attack, and culminated in retirement, according to InTouchWeekly.

“I could feel a pressure in my stomach going upward that evening as I laid in bed, and I knew something was not right,” she recalled. Breathing was difficult, and every time I inhaled, I had a squeezing feeling around my heart. And naturally, that increased my anxiousness.

“I honestly believed I was having a heart attack, so I called my friend and asked if they could come over and transport me to the hospital. It was made plain that I wasn’t having a heart attack or stroke, just rather bad gas pains.

Fart NFTs, Stephanie Matto’s New Business

The doctors advised Matto to alter her diet and gave her a prescription for a gas-suppressing drug. On January 4, the 31-year-old said that she will stop farting into jars and sending them across the nation, and that’s when the world learned about it.
Stephanie Matto With A Jar Of Farts

Still, Stephanie Matto is kind and resourceful, aiming to switch to selling digital NFTs of farts rather than actual whiffs. She also aims to contribute a portion of her earnings to a foundation that focuses on gastrointestinal illnesses.

Fart Jar Nft by Stephanie Matto

It actually comes at a good time because the fart company was mentally and physically draining, and I’m refocusing my energies on my fart jar NFT project and a business course for girls called “create a brand” instead. stated Matto. “I’m pleased I won’t be stopping anytime soon because there’s still a lot for me to do in this world!”

Digital material can be owned using NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. Matto has entered a contentious new industry where she can discover a whole new base of customers, secured by the same Ethereum blockchain that safeguards burgeoning cryptocurrencies.

Stephanie Matto seems to be in luck despite the widespread belief among skeptics that NFTs are nothing more than hot air because that is all she has been peddling.

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