The Man Who built Spacecrafts And Then Disappeared

Tyler Hooper, consultant for Spaceman. His conclusion on Taylor’s Disappearance

Back in the summer of 2015, I first learned about Granger Taylor while browsing a blog on extraterrestrials and UFOs.

I at first found it hard to accept what I was reading. By all accounts, this man was a mechanical prodigy; he even built his own spaceship, dragged an old railway out of the woods to restore it, and rebuilt a World War II airplane. And to top it off, he allegedly thought he could converse with alien life forms.

Then I discovered that Taylor had inexplicably disappeared from the face of the Earth one night when he was 32 years old.

I was addicted. I set out to learn as much as I could about Taylor’s life and the circumstances behind his puzzling disappearance over the course of the following four years.

Granger Taylor’s disappearance

Granger Taylor left his parents a note on the blustery night of November 29, 1980. It stated that he had arrived at an alien spacecraft after having frequent visions that predicted his 42-month interplanetary journey.

The note Taylor left the night he disappeared

That evening, Taylor disappeared. Taylor’s family and the police spent months looking for him, but they were unable to find any leads as to his whereabouts.

A blown-out car was discovered in March 1986 by nearby forestry workers not far from the Taylor family home, close to Mount Prevost in British Columbia. Taylor was familiar with dynamite, and on the night he vanished, some of it had disappeared from his parents’ farm.

When the police were summoned, they were able to verify that Taylor’s Datsun pickup’s VIN matched the one on the wreckage. The scene also contained pieces of a bone and Taylor’s clothes.

In the summer of 2016, when my article about Taylor was published, I was still unsure of what had actually transpired.

Was he taken to space and captured by aliens? Did Taylor blow himself up that night as a result of delusions? Was it a well-planned ruse Taylor concocted to enable him to vanish and begin a new life? Was he chosen by a covert spy organization? Or did he take his own life while covering up his motives with a dubious note to spare his family any stress?

Taylor spent his time building machines

I now have my theories after years of studying Taylor and working on the CBC Docs POV documentary Spaceman.

I must reiterate that I have never met Taylor before I begin, though. My own research and interactions with his family and friends are the only sources I have used to inform any assumptions I have about his thoughts and motivations.

Taylor was a loner searching for purpose

I think Taylor had trouble integrating into his little town on Vancouver Island. He was quiet and odd, which isn’t a good mix in a small, working-class community.

I suppose Taylor devoted so much of his time to building machines because it was the only way he could truly express himself, and making things gave him a sense of meaning in life. (Perhaps this is why some of us are so drawn to Taylor’s story: Taylor is the perfect representative for the outsider who is just trying to fit in. And don’t we all try to find meaning in our work?

Granger Taylor in front of his home.

I believe he eventually grew weary of standing out and looking for purpose, at least here on Earth. Taylor developed an obsession with interstellar travel at the same time as pop culture was rife with the notion that there was life in outer space.

He soon began constructing a spacecraft and daydreaming of beginning over elsewhere.

Taylor believed he was ‘chosen’

What gave Taylor the confidence that he could converse with extraterrestrials is unknown. Taylor may have used psychedelic drugs, according to some evidence, and it is commonly known that he smoked a lot of marijuana. He might have also been prone to depression and manic attacks, which could have contributed in some way.

Whatever the motivation, I think Taylor was persuaded that he had been picked by extraterrestrials to carry out a bigger cosmic purpose, one that was far greater than anything he could accomplish on Earth.

My gut tells me that this was Taylor’s thinking the night he disappeared and that he perished on that mountainside in a fiery explosion.

On a clear night, however, I frequently catch myself thinking about him when I look up at the stars. It’s terrifying to consider that there might be extraterrestrial life, life in other galaxies or universes, or both.

When I see a meteor or shooting star passing through the atmosphere of the Earth, I grin because Granger Taylor was the person who could have discovered a way to reach a place beyond the cosmos.

After all, he was a man who accomplished anything he set his mind to.

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