How Pamela Smart Planned Her Husband’s Murder With Her Teen Lover

Gregory Smart was murdered in 1990 by Pamela Smart’s 16-year-old lover Billy Flynn. Pamela received a life sentence for participating in the crime during a high profile trial.

According to Pamela Smart, May 1, 1990, began just like any other day. She arrived at Winnacunnet High School, where she worked as the media coordinator, and proceeded to a meeting there. When she returned home, she discovered Gregory Smart, her husband, dead in a pool of blood.

But what initially appeared to be a random attack ended up being something completely opposite. Police discovered during their investigation that four neighborhood youngsters had visited the Smart residence in Derry, New Hampshire, that evening. Additionally, one of them—16-year-old Billy Flynn—had been cheating with Pamela.

Two stories with ferociously opposing viewpoints came to light in a trial that riveted the nation. According to Flynn and his friends, Pamela Smart encouraged them to kill her husband. On the other hand, Smart vehemently disputed it.

Flynn and his classmates have since been released, despite the fact that Smart and the teenage guys received prison sentences as well. Only Pamela Smart is still detained, where she has persisted in claiming her innocence.

Gregory Smart and Pamela Smart’s troubled marriage

Pamela Anne Wojas had a desire of being on television years before her murder trial became “can’t-miss” television. She was born on August 16, 1967, grew up in Miami, Florida, and studied communications at Florida State University.

During a college break in New Hampshire in 1986, Smart, who also had her own college radio program and worked as an intern at a local television news station, happened to run into Gregory Smart. Gregory moved to Florida to be with Pamela as she finished her studies after they rapidly fell in love.

Gregory and Pamela Smart were married for less than a year before he was murdered.

Pamela and her husband moved to Derry, New Hampshire after she had her degree, where Gregg got a job as an insurance agent. Pamela was hired to serve as the media services director for 11 schools in New Hampshire. However, their marriage started to fall apart less than a year after they tied the knot in 1989.

Smart claims that Gregg came home one night and admitted to having a one-night stand. In 2019, she admitted to The Washington Post, “I thought there was something wrong with me and I wasn’t good enough.”

Hurt, Smart put herself into her job as Winnacunnet High School’s media director in the Seabrook town. She started interacting with Billy Flynn, a 15-year-old student who shared her love of heavy metal bands.

When Smart allegedly said to Flynn in February 1990, “Do you worry about me? because I am constantly thinking of you.”

After that, Pamela Smart and Billy Flynn started dating, albeit they each have a different version of what transpired in private. After Smart alleged that Gregg had struck her and threatened to take her puppy if they got a divorce, Flynn said that Smart began talking to him about killing her husband.

Smart, though, claims that she felt guilty the whole time. In 2016, she admitted to saying, “I’m not going to do this anymore,” every day, just to start doing it again the next day.

She asserts that she eventually ended her relationship with Flynn and revealed the affair to her husband. Prior to May 1, 1990, everything appeared to be back to normal when Gregg purportedly forgave her.

The Case Of Gregory Smart’s Murder

Pamela Smart, then 22 years old, allegedly returned from work on May 1 and discovered her husband lying in a pool of blood. Smart’s 24-year-old husband had been shot in the back of the head during a break-in at their residence.

According to The New York Times, Smart openly speculated that his killer had been “some jerk, some drug addict somebody seeking for a quick $10.”

Police quickly understood, though, that Gregory Smart’s murder wasn’t that straightforward. Investigators reportedly got a tip alleging Pamela Smart was responsible for her husband’s death, according to Oxygen. In the meantime, Pete Randall and Vance Lattime Jr., two of Flynn’s buddies, confessed to a classmate that they had assisted in the murder of Gregg.

Smart leaving the courtroom

During the trial, 16-year-old Billy Flynn keeps his eyes fixed on the gun he is accused of using to shoot Gregory Smart.

The boys were arrested by the authorities and promptly consented to cooperate in exchange for lighter penalties. The boys reportedly informed investigators that Pamela Smart had planned the entire murder, according to The Washington Post. They recommended that they make Gregg’s death appear to be a burglary, asserted that she had left the condo door unlocked, and demanded payment for ammunition.

Police also persuaded Cecile Pierce, another one of Pamela’s students, to wear a wire so they could speak with Smart about the crime. According to Smart’s comments to Pierce on the tape, “You’d be better off just lying to the police.” “We’d spend the rest of our lives in prison.”

Sadly, she also admitted to Pierce that if Flynn’s young accomplices hadn’t informed their peers anything, Gregg’s murder would have been “the perfect murder.”

Three months after her husband’s passing, on August 1, 1990, police detained Pamela Smart. The ensuing trial gained national and worldwide media attention, with journalists traveling as far as Israel to chronicle every development.

According to New Hampshire Magazine, Pamela Smart was quickly referred to as a “ice princess” by the media. The fact that Flynn openly sobbed on the witness stand as he described shooting Gregory Smart while his companion had a knife to his throat, on the other hand, made him seem like a more sympathetic character.

He said that Pamela Smart had instructed him to kill Gregg if he wanted to be with her. Even today, Pamela Smart maintains that she never said anything like that.

I can’t, you know, do this because I have a husband, Smart said in an interview with The Washington Post, adding that “if he translated that into, you know, that he couldn’t have me as long as Gregg was around, then that’s in his brain… that as long as Gregg was here, Bill could never have me for himself.”

The jury convicted Pamela Smart guilty of witness tampering, conspiring to murder someone, and aiding and abetting first-degree murder on March 22, 1991. The 23-year-old was subsequently sentenced to spend the rest of her life behind bars by the judge.

Currently, where is Pamela Smart?

Pamela Smart is still imprisoned as of 2022 at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women in the state of New York. After completing lengthy sentences, Billy Flynn, Pete Randall, Vance Lattime Jr., and a fourth juvenile who waited in the car were were granted release.

Pamela Smart thinks it’s finally time for her to set foot free as well.

The media labeled Pamela Smart a “ice princess” for her resolute testimony.

Although Pamela Smart has consistently insisted that she was unaware of Flynn’s plans to murder her husband, she has recently started to accept responsibility for his passing by admitting that he wouldn’t have died if she hadn’t had an affair.

Pamela Smart was dubbed an “ice princess” by the press for her steely testimony.

Smart stated, “I make no excuses for my acts and behavior,” in a December 2021 petition for a sentence reduction. I’m at fault.

“I regret that it has taken me this long to apologize to the Smart family, my own family, and everyone else,” she continued. However, I believe that I wasn’t in a position where I was ready to accept or face it. I was young and self-centered, and I didn’t consider the effects of what I was doing.

Smart, according to People, is now requesting that a New Hampshire court schedule a hearing over her request after her appeal for a reduced sentence was turned down in March 2022.

Smart underlined her acknowledgment of her part in Gregg’s death in a letter to the governor of New Hampshire, as published by WMUR.

She wrote, “I have now spent more than 31 years in prison, more than half my life.” I sincerely apologize to everyone who was harmed by my actions and poor judgment, including the entire Smart family, my own family, and everyone else.

The New Hampshire Executive Council hasn’t made any decisions on Pamela Smart’s case public as of yet. However, Smart and her supporters, which include Gloria Steinem, are optimistic that they will show mercy and let Smart go.

She reportedly told The Washington Post, “I would rather be executed than pass away in this place from old age.”


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